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Ready to ditch low-paying freelance gigs and saturated sites like Upwork?

Confidently land your first *high-paying* freelance copywriting client in 30 days or less.

Finally, get paid what you deserve with my 5 step client acquisition framework!


Tired of settling for low-paying freelance gigs and feeling trapped in the world of saturated platforms like Upwork? It's time to break free and confidently land your first high-paying freelance copywriting client in 30 days or less. Welcome to 30 Days to Paid, where you'll discover the transformative power of my tried and tested 5-Step Freelance Freedom Framework™️

Say goodbye to underpaid projects and hello to a fulfilling, profitable career as a respected freelance writer!

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30 Days to Paid is the right move for you if…

🫵🏼 You're ready to break free from the 9-5, ditch the boss, and work on your schedule

🫵🏼 You’re an aspiring writer trapped in a 9-5 job who wants to break free, become self-employed, and do work you love - you just need guidance and accountability to make the leap!

🫵🏼 You’re already freelancing, but you’re underpaid (probably relying on Upwork or job boards) and ready to break out of the low-paying client trap.

🫵🏼 You know you want to pursue this whole freelance writing thing, but you’re overwhelmed and stuck in learning mode and haven’t taken action. You’re bombarded with advice, but you’re stuck in analysis paralysis and just need to get moving.

🫵🏼 Or you're an experienced freelancer frustrated by the struggle to attract high-paying clients while others thrive.


My unique framework empowers aspiring writers like you to increase your income, secure higher-paying clients, and achieve the self-employed freedom you've always dreamed of. Unlike most freelance courses, 30 Days to Paid provides more than just theory – it's a practical, results-driven program that equips you with the clarity, confidence, and accountability you need to take decisive action towards your freelance dreams.

Here's what you'll gain in 30D2P...




Feeling overwhelmed or flat out confused? The culprit is probably a lack of clarity! I help you decide what you really want and which direction you'll take. Once you're crystal clear, calm confidence takes over and you’ll take action like a pro.




Feeling stuck? You're probably draining your precious mental energy and struggling to figure things out on your own with all the free podcasts, blog posts, and books. Stop cobbling together random free advice and use 30D2P as your follow-along roadmap that paves the way for your success. No more guesswork, just clear steps to take and in the right order!




Hit a roadblock? Need a nudge in the right direction? You don't have to travel this journey alone anymore! Find inspiration and support from me and a kind group of like-minded writers. Whether you're seeking advice on freelancing strategies, copywriting techniques, or building a stellar portfolio, our community is here to help. Simply post your inquiries, and within 24-48 hours, we'll be there to assist you every step of the way.

It's time to start living life on your own terms... 

I know you dream of doing what you love, on your own schedule, WHILE making good money. 

✨ Envision the possibilities that unfold when you finally have the structure and guidance to embark on your copywriting journey. In just 30 days, you'll seize the opportunity to confidently secure your first high-paying client, paving the way for a thriving freelance business that brings consistent monthly income.✨

Maybe your goal is to leave your 9-5, travel the world with your laptop, or spend more time with your family...

It is possible! By following my 5-step framework, you’ll finally… 

✨Gain the structure and direction you need to finally start your copywriting journey

Land your first high-paying client and build a lucrative freelance business and earn consistent monthly income

Land big clients so you can break free of your 9-5, gain control of your days, and have more freedom and flexibility 

Have a repeatable system for finding and pitching clients on LinkedIn so you can form a consistent habit of landing freelance clients

Feel comfortable and confident in the services you’re offering so you can “close” without cringe sales tactics 


Don’t let bad advice keep you stuck in a never-ending search for clients...

I CRINGE when I see new copywriters given the same advice over and over:

⛔️ Rely on a freelance bidding site like Upwork

⛔️Post valuable content, so clients come to YOU! (Ain't nobody got time for that!)

⛔️ Just write excellent copy, and clients will find you (worst advice ever) 

⛔️ Volunteer at a non-profit to gain writing experience to build a portfolio and get testimonials

⛔️ Network to find clients (what does that even mean?)


The 5-Step Freelance Freedom Framework


Module 1

Your Freelance Roadmap (The Follow-Along Project Plan!)

Say goodbye to overwhelm! Most freelance writers can achieve their goals IF they have the right action plan and execute consistently. I will provide you with a step-by-step framework to keep front and center throughout this process and ensure you stay on track. By following an easy-to-follow timeline, you’ll be on track to land a high-paying client within 30 days or less.

Module Highlights

  • Grab the timeline and project plan to stay organized, motivated, and on track!

  • Step-by-step PDFs keep you on track and increase your chances of landing your first client in 30 days or less!

  • Motivating overview of why LinkedIn is so effective and how you can do the bare minimum on this platform to land high-paying freelance clients.

  • A nerve-calming introduction, so you know exactly what to expect in this course.



Module 2

Following your (Calculated!) Calling: A Strategic Approach To Finding Your Freelance Niche

One of the biggest challenges writers face is finding a high-paying, in-demand niche they love. My guided decision-making process removes the confusion and uncertainty of choosing your niche. Then, I’ll show you where the high-paying clients are hiding and how to find them. Finally, we’ll create your entire online presence to position you as the niche expert! Whether you already have your niche or haven’t chosen one, this module sets a strong foundation that makes clients immediately recognize that you’re the right writer for the job!

Module Highlights:

  • Wondering where the high-paying clients are? I will show you precisely WHO to reach out to and how to find them.
  • A simple strategy that will help you finally feel confident in choosing your niche and validate that clients will hire you for it. (hint: it’s the sweet spot between what you know, what you enjoy, and what’s in high demand) + Real-life examples of niches done right for you to model!
  • The LinkedIn headline formula and website hack you’ll use to create a CAPTIVATING online presence that attracts clients and builds credibility.

Module 3

Targeting Your Tribe: Building a Website That Connects With Your Ideal Freelance Clients

Here’s your idiot-proof guide to creating a writer’s website (hint: it’s drag-and-drop, no WordPress or developer skills required!) First, I’ll show you (as someone who hires writers) what clients skim for and how to optimize those sections. Then, strengthen (or build from scratch) a portfolio that makes hiring you a no-brainer. 

Module Highlights:

  • Video tutorials showing you how to write the important sections of your website and how to make your words more appealing to your ideal audience.

  •  A portfolio workshop showing you how to strengthen your portfolio and examples of effective portfolios 

  •  A quick, easy way to create your own writing samples and build a portfolio from scratch even if you have no experience + my secret hack for creating your own writing samples that look like they’ve been published

Module 4

Leveraging LinkedIn: Finding for High-Paying Freelance Opportunities

Whether you’re sprucing up an old profile or starting from scratch, this module will provide you with everything you need (and nothing else!) to get high-quality freelance clients using LinkedIn. Despite the corporate brag-fest that LinkedIn can be, you don’t need to be an expert in social media OR post content yourself. 

Module Highlights:

  • Use your LinkedIn feed to organically network and put yourself on your ideal client’s radar without being salesy 
  • Optimizing these sections of your LinkedIn profile allows potential clients to sell themselves on you before you even speak with them.
  • Get found! Search-optimize your profile with keywords that make you visible to your ideal clients
  • My little-known trick for getting first dibs on LinkedIn job postings

Module 5

Personalization that Pays: The Secret to Successful, Scalable Cold Pitches

Your marketing is dialed in and correctly positioned to appeal to your ideal clients. Now let’s start sending cold pitch messages that land your bucket-list clients. I know it can be intimidating to cold pitch, but my copy-and-paste customizable templates will have clients THANKING you for reaching out to them! Getting your first high-paying client has never been easier, and you can repeat this process until you achieve your freelance income goal!

Module Highlights:

  • The accountability and support you need to play the numbers game and consistently cold pitch until you get results 
  • Clients not answering? Let’s troubleshoot. I’ll help critique your pitch and troubleshoot low response rates.
  • Exactly what to say in your first (and follow-up!) message to clients.
  • The art of the follow-up: knowing how many messages to send, when, and follow-up best practices.
  • Know what to expect with typical message flows and what you can expect clients to say (+screenshots of my client conversations)
  • Overcome your phone fear with this training on how to run client calls that end in signed contracts (Introverts, I got you!)
Read ALL the testimonials here 🏆

How 30 Days to Paid Support Works

As soon as you enroll, you'll immediately receive my individual support for 30 days FREE, but I don't want your progress to stop there! 

I know firsthand how challenging and lonely the freelance journey can be without the right support network.

That's why you'll have the option to upgrade to my #paidwriters monthly subscription membership after enrolling. 

Here's what you get:

 Monthly Mastermind Sessions with industry experts for real-time Q&A, troubleshooting, and breakthroughs. Never feel stuck again.

 New and Exclusive Content. Delve into chatGPT prompts, unlock Copywriting Templates, and new mini lessons and trainings. Expand your expertise and keep your skills razor-sharp with resources only available to members.

 Priority Support: Ask me anything about your freelance journey, and you'll receive a personalized response within 24-48 hours. Your success is my priority, and I'm here to ensure you get the guidance and assistance you need every step of the way.

 Community Connection: They say your network is your net worth, and that's exactly what the #paidwriters community offers. Connect with fellow freelancers, share opportunities, and engage in meaningful discussions. Join forces with like-minded professionals who understand your journey and provide the support, encouragement, and accountability you need.

I’m an introvert at heart but...

As a former sales professional and trainer, I spent years mastering persuasion and communication principles.

Here's the thing—I know firsthand that sales and marketing skills are the secret sauce for freelancers like us to make a steady income. Seriously, no matter how talented you are, if you can't sell yourself and your services, it will always be an uphill battle to reach your goals.

But I've got your back! If you’ve watched or read any of my content, you already know I hold nothing back, sharing how I escaped my 9-5 to become successfully self-employed and the exposing nitty-gritty realities of freelancing.

My mission? Empowering you to take control of your freelance career and enjoy the freedom it brings. With my expertise and mastery in the field, we're gonna adopt a big-picture thinking approach that'll have you strategizing your way to long-term success. 


Now, let's talk about what you can expect from my guidance:

🌟 We're gonna create an air-tight online presence that radiates “they’re the one” energy to attracts your dream clients. 

🌟 No more waiting around for opportunities to magically appear. I'll empower you to craft your own samples and proactively pitch companies like a pro. 

🌟 It's time to raise your standards, fellow writer. We won't settle for just any gig that comes your way. I'll show you how to play the numbers game intelligently and wait for those unicorn, high-quality opportunities.

🌟 Exit the merry-go-round of endless cycle freelance advice that keeps you stuck. Together, we're gonna kick procrastination to the curb and ensure you're always moving forward. 

🌟 Forget about the whole "working for pennies in the beginning" mentality. We're skipping right over that phase and diving into the world of sustainable and rewarding compensation from the get-go.

So, are you ready to join me on this epic journey? We're gonna unlock your full potential as a PROFIT-DRIVEN freelance copywriter and build a career that aligns perfectly with your goals and aspirations. Get excited, because amazing things are about to happen! Let's do this! 💪

Enroll in 30 Days to Paid today

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A One-Time Payment of



When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get: 


The 30 Days to Paid Copywriting Course


  • Forever Access to 5 Idiot-Proof LinkedIn Training Modules (+Bonus Modules)

    High-quality videos and tutorials you can listen to from anywhere, on any device! Follow along step-by-step, at your own pace!

  • Forever Access to Printable Templates & PDF Guides

    Keep your roadmap and goals front and center and stay on task with helpful resources. Let's make this as easy as humanly possible!
  • Get your questions answered in the #paidwriters community for free for 30 days (upgrade to continued support available!) 

Whether you're seeking advice on freelancing strategies, copywriting techniques, or building a stellar portfolio, our community is here to help. Simply post your inquiries, and within 24-48 hours you'll receive support from myself and knowledgeable members to assist you every step of the way.

  • Monthly LIVE support calls

Interactive LIVE support calls, where I dive deeper into course topics, explore key strategies, and share mindset shifts for your success. PLUS, Learn from inspiring guest speakers who provide valuable insights. Can't attend? No worries! All calls are recorded in a playlist for convenient access later.

  • Knowledge Vault: Access to all recorded coaching sessions

    As an enrolled student, you'll also gain exclusive access to our private vault of recorded coaching sessions. These valuable sessions are filled with expert insights, real-world examples, and actionable tips to elevate your freelancing skills and success.

Plus These Bonuses to Boost Your Freelance Business


Bonus 1

Leveraging LinkedIn Job Postings

Learn how to apply to LinkedIn freelance jobs, which perfectly complement your cold pitch efforts. I’ll show you how to be the first to know about the best writing opportunities, make your application rise to the top of the pile, and increase your chances of being chosen. Plus, tips and tricks for getting noticed by recruiters.

A $175 Value


Bonus 2

Quiet Confidence: Mastering Freelance Client Discovery Calls for Introverts

A “discovery” call with prospective clients massively increases your chances of closing the deal with high-paying clients. But you’re not alone if you dread “selling yourself” on a call! Use my template on calls to cure your phone phobia. You’ll learn to talk about your qualifications and services without having to cringe-y sales tactics.

A $150 Value


Bonus 3

Client Call Confidential: Real-life client call recordings

Gain exclusive access to behind-the-scenes client calls and transform your approach. Witness a seasoned freelancer in action, mastering the art of communication, trust-building, and deal-closing. Steal my proven strategies, overcome objections, and deliver exceptional client experiences. No more guesswork – these real-life examples are your blueprint to success. Boost your confidence, refine your skills, and skyrocket your freelance income!

A $150 Value


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Wondering how long it will take to succeed?  


Enroll in 30 Days to Paid today

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I'm dedicated to providing high-quality, valuable digital products and online courses to help you achieve your goals. However, due to the nature of our products and past experiences, I have implemented a strict no-refund policy.

Why No Refunds?

My no-refund policy is in place to protect my intellectual property and ensure the integrity of my community. Unfortunately, I have experienced instances where individuals have purchased my courses, requested refunds, and then illegally distributed my materials. To prevent this and to protect the hard work and effort I put into creating these products, I do not offer refunds.

Our Commitment to You

High-Quality Content: I am committed to delivering content that is valuable, actionable, and of the highest quality. Each course is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

Ongoing Support: I offer continuous support to my students. If you have any questions or need assistance, my support team is here to help you every step of the way.

Please see here for refund details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What my most successful students asked before joining 30 Days to Paid:

Enroll in 30 Days to Paid today

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A One-Time Payment of



I can’t wait for you to join 30 Days to Paid!

I want to share a 5-step framework for making a freelance writing income you love without years of frustration and struggle.

You see, 96.3% of people on Fiverr make less than $500 or less per month. So there seems to be this huge gap between in-demand writers who charge top-dollar and those who never make a consistent income and constantly deal with low-balling clients. 

As someone who built a lucrative FT freelance biz from scratch with no experience and has mentored almost 100 copywriters, I’ve pinpointed a few reasons why: 

1️⃣ They lack clarity on their writing niche and ideal clients, therefore becoming highly sought-after expert in their industry becomes impossible

2️⃣ They haven’t developed a compelling online presence that immediately builds credibility and sets themselves apart from a sea of other writers.

3️⃣ Lastly, they don’t have an income goal plan. As a result, they don’t know what small habits they need to develop to achieve their freelance income goals by the end of the year.

And if you fall into any of those categories above, it’s ⚡️NOT⚡️ your fault. There are VERY FEW programs dedicated to the fundamentals of client acquisition taught by someone with professional sales experience. 

Now’s the time to try something new. If you’re on this page, it’s because you’re growth-focused and always looking for a better way to do something - you want to work smarter, not harder, and it’s probably why you’re attracted to this framework in the first place. 

Most importantly, you know you’re ready to finally start getting paid what you deserve. 


30 Days to Paid will give you the clarity, confidence, and guidance you need to land your first high paying client using LinkedIn and replace your 9-5 income within 30 days or less. 

It's the answer to your client acquisition struggles. I'll help you transition from your 9-5 job into a full-time freelance writing career – without years of working for pennies. This course and community are for people who are sick of low-paying clients and saturated freelance platforms like Upwork and are ready to finally start loving the work they do. 

🫵🏼If that’s you🫵🏼 then I invite you to join me inside 30 Days to Paid, where I’ll personally walk you through everything step so that you can confidently start charging what you’re worth, land high-paying clients using LinkedIn, and replace your 9-5 income – even if right now all you have is an idea and zero confidence. 

So if you’re tired of working a job you hate...you dream of structuring your schedule around YOUR life...if year after year goes by without seeing any significant increase in your freelance income...or if deep down inside you know there’s something more out there for YOU but just don’t know how or where to get started then click the link below now...because I can’t wait to show YOU how easy it is once YOU know exactly what steps TO TAKE!

I look forward to meeting you personally in The 30 Days to Paid Freelance Client Acquistion Course! 🥂


"Christine provides everything you need to get your copywriting business up and running in 30 days or less !

She has organized the basics of successful copywriting into step by step modules, including personal tried and true tips for helping you connect and land profitable clients quickly.

Her wholehearted enthusiasm and support to help you succeed is a genuine confidence booster! Thank you Christine"

-Ellen Coyne, Freelance Health Content Writer

"Christine's the real deal. She walks the walk and has put the time, effort, and energy into building a sustainable career virtually from scratch.

I've watched her transform from a shy freelancing newbie to a successful business owner in just a matter of months through nothing more than smart, strategic decisions and common sense business acumen.

She's a great role model for aspiring freelancers."

-Scott Stransky, Founder of Full Funnel Content

Enroll in 30 Days to Paid today

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