Find and Pitch Higher-Paying Freelance Clients

Level up your freelance income by finding higher quality copywriting clients 



What you'll learn in this FREE LIVE workshop:

🔎Spot the tell-tale signs of high-paying clients

I'll train you to spot the tell-tale signs of a client has a big enough budget to pay you what you're worth.

💻Position yourself correctly on LinkedIn to appeal to clients with high budgets:

3 key areas of your marketing to optimize right now, plus how to make your LinkedIn profile show up in search results

✍🏼Craft personalized cold pitches that get responses

Once you know where to find high-paying client and your profile is optimized, start reaching out to them with messages that get responses.

This free workshop is for you if....


You hear about other freelancers finding high-paying writing clients but you can't seem to find them.



As soon as you start taking action, imposter syndrome kicks in and you feel like you’re not good enough to land your dream clients. 



Analysis paralysis keeps you going in circles on choosing a niche, creating your website, and cold pitching consistently.



If you've been consuming all the podcasts, videos, and courses, yet you’re still not taking the steps or seeing the results, this FREE workshop is for YOU.


Finally gain clarity on who your high-paying clients are and start taking action to earn the income you deserve.
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From Christine:

I know what you're thinking: Is it really possible for ME to make a full-time income as a self-employed writer?

I get it - it's hard to feel confident when you're just beginning or have no experience. I went from unemployed to full-time freelance writer in less than 4 months not because I had any experience or was a talented writer but because I knew which steps to take to get clients.

  1. I didn’t have prior writing experience
  2. I didn’t use freelance bidding sites like Upwork
  3. I DID know where to look for high-paying clients and how to write cold pitch messages that caught their attention.

Getting started in the freelance writing world can seem like information overload. How do you filter all the information and advice and take action?

The answer is by having a step-by-step roadmap that shows you exactly what to do and in what order.


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Finally get paid what you're worth.



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