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Stop scrambling for clients.

Freelancing feast and famine is exhausting. Maybe you're starting out and can't find high-paying clients.

Or maybe, one month you're overwhelmed with work, the next you're back to square one wondering how you're going to fill the income gap.

Confident client outreach = predictable income.

I'm Christine...

I was in software sales for years before becoming a freelance copywriter.

If the thought of pitching clients and marketing yourself makes you cringe, I get it because I was there too...

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 "Christine's the real deal. She walks the walk and has put the time, effort, and energy into building a sustainable career virtually from scratch.

I've watched her transform from a shy freelancing newbie to a successful business owner in just a matter of months through nothing more than smart, strategic decisions and common sense business acumen.

She's a great role model for aspiring freelancers."


-Scott Stransky, Founder of Full Funnel Content

Peace out imposter syndrome ✌🏼 Stop doubting yourself and start landing high-paying freelance copywriting clients.

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Keep calm and check your inbox.

Get weekly advice, tutorials, and an inside look at how I run my freelance copywriting biz.

Keep calm and check your inbox

Get weekly advice, tutorials, and inside look at how I run my freelance copywriting biz.