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Learn how freelancers use LinkedIn to get high-paying clients


Who it's for: Whether your profile needs a freelance makeover or you’re starting from scratch, this guide is for you!


Building a lucrative freelance career comes down to confidence and taking the right steps.


Stable, high-quality clients are key to the freedom and flexibility we crave as freelancers. With so much information available online, a straightforward roadmap is crucial.

But most importantly, you need the right mindset to proactively get in front of your ideal clients一without sounding salesy!

A step-by-step framework created from first-hand experience


I quit my toxic 9-5 job with no backup plan.

With my unemployment checks running out fast, I gained my first high-paying client in less than 30 days through cold-pitching on LinkedIn. 

I began making a full-time income in four months. 

I created 30 Days to Paid as a framework to teach other writers the same steps and mindsets I used to avoid going back to a 9-5 job.


  • I didn’t have prior writing experience
  • I didn’t use freelance bidding sites like UpWork
  • DID use a systematic approach to cold pitchingーand it worked!

Here's how: 


Choose your profitable writing niche

Your writing niche is critical to your income and overall success. Choosing and validating a highly profitable niche is where most writers get stuck. I walk you through a step-by-step brainstorm and validation process that makes choosing a niche a breeze!

Create your portfolio and website

I show you quick, easy, cheap ways to create your writer's website. I also guide you on creating an effective portfolio (even if you have no experience or past clients!)  Relax and shine on client calls! They'll already have sold themselves before even speaking to you!

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Magnetically attract a steady stream of ideal clients by showing up and standing out in client search results. Know exactly who to connect with to build a solid network allowing you to get first dibs on high-paying writing opportunities. 

Cold-pitch with the right message

Never stare at a blank screen again. Banish all those what should I say? moments for good! Message templates, formulas, and scripts that grab client's attention and let you stay cool calm and collected, even as a newbie! 

Start receiving free guidance and resources now 

I save the best of the best for my email subscribers, so meet me there!

How I can support you on your freelance journey:


The 30 Days to Paid Freelance Copywriting Course

Self-Paced Online Course + Community and Coaching


Who it's for: Beginner freelancers who need support mastering the basics of establishing their online presence, choosing a niche, and cold-pitching


The Freelance Template Playbook📓

35+ copy-and-paste, customizable client message templates for cold pitching & more! 


Who it's for: Freelancers who are ready to stop the self-doubt and start land high-paying copywriting clients but lack the time or energy to write cold pitches and emails from scratch and want their time back!


One-to-One Support Session Package

Getting Started Strategy Sessions for Guidance, Goal Setting and Accountability

Who it's for: Newer freelancers who want personal support getting clear on their goals, creating an actionable strategy for becoming a freelancer,


The harsh reality of freelancing today:

🤢 96.3% of people on Fiverr make less than $500 or less per month, with the majority (70%) making less than $100

🤢 It’s estimated that only 1% of those on these freelance platforms are earning $2,000 or more per month

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Christy Smith


But here's what's ALSO true:

🙌🏼 Freelance writers earn an average of $24 an hour, while the 90th percentile can earn up to $63 an hour

🙌🏼 Over 50% of buying decisions are now made before they connect with the person who will provide them with the goods or services they need. When done correctly, your website and LinkedIn will do the heavy-lifting for you!


🛑 Stop spinning your wheels on frustrating, low paying bidding sites


🗺 Ditch the overwhelm by following a step-by-step roadmap from someone who was in your shoes.


The possibilities available to you when you gain freelance confidence:


Clear thinking and strategic action

Ensure you’re taking the right steps in your freelance journey. A plan prevents you from wasting time with contradicting tips and advice.

Freedom and flexibility

Think of how it would feel to make a living without a 9-5 or boss. Imagine being able to take a day off just because you feel like it. Imagine designing your own schedule based on your personality.

Self-belief and mindset: 

Imagine knowing what to do without being overwhelmed or confused. Imagine exuding confidence as an expert in your writing niche.

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