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The Freelance Template Playbook 📓™️

35 client message templates for cold pitching, raising your rates, and handling uncomfortable situations gracefully.


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Start communicating with your clients with confidence and ease with this copy-and-paste, customizable template playbook!

This template packet is for freelancers who…

  • Are ready to stop the self-doubt and start land high-paying copywriting clients - without sounding salesy!

  • Want to build long-term relationships with clients, while also setting boundaries so you can work on your terms.

  • Lack the time or energy to write cold pitches and emails from scratch and want their time back!

When you grab The Freelance Template Playbook📓™️ today, you’ll  immediately know how to:

  • Send response-worthy cold pitch (or LOIs) to your dream clients

  • Ask for additional work or retainer work (hello steady payments! 💸)

  • Creatively follow up with and re-engage clients without being annoying or pushy

  • Effectively respond when a client reaches out to you or responds to your pitch

  • Strategically send your prices and rates (+ increasing the chances of getting a yes!)

  • Raise and negotiate your rates + explain rate increases

  • Explain missed deadlines and take time off for vacations or emergencies

  • Push back on excessive revision rounds, micro-management, and scope-creep without ruining the relationship

  • Respond to bad feedback in a way that ensures it doesn’t happen again

  • Respectfully break up with clients and back out of projects

  • Get referrals and testimonials/reviews from existing clients and your network

  • Gracefully decline requests for unpaid work or discounted work

Give me The Freelance Template Playbook📓™️ !

More than just templates…

The last thing I want is for my template to create a bunch of freelancing robots sending out the same messages to clients…

That’s why each template includes an explanation of how to view the situation and respond in a way that’s most authentic to you. Think of these mini-lessons as the freelance business mentor you never had!

Not only will The Freelance Template Playbook📓™️ make emails a total breeze, but you’ll learn the client management wisdom I’ve spent years acquiring throughout my freelance career!

Stop letting insecurity, perfectionism, and procrastination hold you back from building a lucrative freelance writing career.


Banish the blank screen and start confidently interacting with freelance clients. 

 If you ever have those How the hell do I respond to this? moments when opening client emailsyou are far from alone! 

The issue of client relationships is critical for us, but as solopreneurs, we may not have access to the guidance or mentorship we need to say the right things.


When you grab this pack of 35 templates…

Lack of experience or mentorship will no longer hold you back from confidently pitching your services and interacting with clients.


With instant access to  freelance lessons & advice

You’ll no longer waste time and energy wondering if you're sending an effective pitch or second-guessing if you said the "right" thing to a client.


1. Land your dream freelance clients
2. Keep them happy
3. Feel confident in your self-employment journey


Grab your instant The Freelance Template Playbook📓™️ download NOW and keep these on hand for 35 different client scenarios, requests, and conversations.

I can’t wait for you to grab The Freelance Template Playbook📓™️ Today! 

One of the most common concerns I hear from students after my LinkedIn cold-pitching course is that I helped them get their foot in the door, but now they need to know what comes next in their freelance journey!

This instant-download doc shows you how to pitch your dream clients, how to get on-going freelance work, and how to foster long-term client relationships that help you achieve financial security.

The Freelance Template Playbook is more than just templates — it includes 35 mini-lessons and explanations on what clients want to hear and why your response will work.

These freelance client communication templates are a collection of all the interactions I've had with my writing clients over the years—the good, the bad, and the ugly!

It's also based on the interactions I've had as a content marketer who hires and manages other freelance writers.

And what’s exciting for me as a creator is knowing the time and anxiety these templates will save you as you gain footing in the Wild West of full-time freelancing!



One-time payment


Years of hard-won lessons packaged into one easy-to-use guide

  • 35 different customizable, copy-and-paste templates
  • Clickable table of contents for easy navigation
  • Learn how to cold pitch and manage clients
  • Mini-lessons, explanations, and mindset tips
  • Instant access!
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