The SMARTEST way to get testimonials from freelance clients

client management linkedin Aug 04, 2021

Testimonials from clients are a form of "social proof" that adds to your credibility. There are 3 different types of testimonials or proof you can have on your website: 

  1. A general testimonial about you. Anyone who you’ve worked with or done business with at any point in your life can write this testimonial so it’s easier to get. 
  2. Statistics that support your claim: An example of a statistic I use in my own messaging to you guys:96.3% of people on Fiverr make less than $500 or less per month, with the majority (70%) making less than $100 
  3. Results-oriented testimonial: This will come from a client who you’ve written for who can attest to your abilities. obviously, this testimonial is the most powerful and gives the most credibility.

How to ask for testimonials: 

Step 1: Once you’ve completed an assignment for your client and you know they’re happy with the work, feel free to request a testimonial. 

The best way to request a testimonial is to ask them by email, get confirmation that they're willing to do it, and then send the actual request using LinkedIn. Having LinkedIn recommendations will boost your profile and online presence. 

Step 2: Take the recommendations they wrote and add them to your website. Check to see how  I formatted mine.

If you only request a testimonial by email, you're limiting the reach of that testimonial. Make sure your testimonials show up on your website and your LinkedIn profile. Make that testimonial work overtime!

Important: I had to follow up several times to get the testimonials you see on my freelance website right now. Did I feel awkward badgering someone to write me a testimonial? YES! 

But was it necessary because my clients are busy? Also YES.

Don’t be afraid to follow up if they said they would write a testimonial and haven’t done it.

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