FREE TRAINING VIDEO: Email templates that result in booked client meetings and why!

getting clients video tutorials Mar 30, 2021

You know by now that directly messaging clients (especially on LinkedIn) is the best way to build a freelance copywriting biz.

But maybe you feel stuck on what to say in your messages.

I get it. Let's attack the blank screen today and get you writing messages that get responses!

Today, I'm sharing the exact emails that get your name passed on to the hiring manager and get you booked meetings.

Recently, a client of mine asked me to go out and find more writers for the team, so I got to put my "hiring manager" hat on. This put me in the client's shoes and I was able to see which messages work and which messages don't! 

In this video I show you:

🤝 How to craft a subject line

🤝 What to include in your message

🤝 How to make it as easy as possible for clients to say YES 

🤝 How to follow up without being annoying

🤝 What to say to book a client meeting

This training will bring you behind the scenes and show you the exact email templates that result in booked client meetings and why!


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