Getting your finances in order BEFORE you become a freelancer

Sep 20, 2021

Two questions for any freelancer watching this vid:

1. If your boss asked you to do something that went against your values, would you be able to flat-out say no without fearing the consequences?

2. Would you be able to walk away from a job that asked you to compromise your ethics or that was toxic to your mental health?

If not, you do not (yet) have F-you money. In today's video, I'll share:

  • How I finally got my finances straight after years of irresponsible decisions and straight-up overwhelm


  • The books that helped me do it!

My top finance tips:

1. Get out of ALL debt (not talking about your mortgage but living beneath your means is critical)

2. Start saving money (this is your F-You savings account that allows you to walk away from toxic situations)

3. Track your finances for a period of time to find out what you're spending on

4. Automate the payment of your bills so you never pay a late fee

5. Open a ROTH IRA and start investing in your own retirement account

Books mentioned:

1. The total money makeover by Dave Ramsey

2. The millionaire next door by Thomas Stanley

3. I will teach you to be rich by Ramit Sethi

4. The simple path to wealth JL Collins

5. Your money or your life by Vicki Robin

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