Why writers are intimidated to market their services

freelancing basics getting clients Aug 09, 2021

You know how I feel about establishing your online presence as a freelance writer. To start a freelance business from scratch, you must market yourself effectively.

I’ve just wrapped up the August class for my online course 30 Days to Paid and realized common insecurity that holds new freelancers back. 

It’s this: newer writers are afraid to say they offer services they don’t have experience with yet. 

While I understand this fear, the truth remains: we all have to start somewhere! We will never get experience doing the thing we want to do unless we get the chance to prove ourselves!

If this fear is stopping you from properly filling out your writer’s website and LinkedIn profile, I want you to reframe your thinking. 

You are NOT an imposter

If you somehow feel like a fraud for for marketing your services, I want you to watch The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I want you to understand what actual fraud is, because it’s not you.

This isn’t your resume 

Remember, when you list your skills and offers, you're not outright saying "this is my experience" you're saying "this is what I offer, this is what I'm knowledgable in, this is what I can help you with.” 

Of course, you’ll eventually prove that you’re capable. This is where your writing samples come in because they’re a testament to your abilities.

Your writing samples make you a writer

Writing samples and your portfolio will give you the most confidence because they demonstrate to the client that you have the skills.The client cares about your samples, not your past work experience.

You’re not sending a resume and getting hired for traditional employment. You’re a service provider and business partner. You have the right to market yourself accordingly. 

You’re not a traditional writer

Writers have felt insecure and unworthy of calling themselves writers since the dawn of time. Being afraid to call myself a writer held me back for YEARS. I still remember the shame even though it seems so silly now. 

Here’s the thing, copywritng isn't traditional writing, it's assembling words. Assembling words comes down to knowledge, not writing skills. So it’s okay if you’re not a prize-winning novelist or poet. 

Knowledge is one of the most valuable skills for copywriters. When you choose a niche built on your background, no one can deny your knowledge! Your background is compelling! Your knowledge is what you’re selling them on. 

Once you push past this fear and properly set up your online presence, make sure you download my free cold pitch templates so you can start landing high-paying clients!

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