[Podcast episode]The Copywriter Show

podcasts May 04, 2021

Sharing about my personal life is still something I'm getting used to but this week, I'm telling my story on the Copywriter Show podcast with host Amy Leisner.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • How I got into copywriting despite having NO professional experience (hint TOXIC job situation)

  • How meditation helped me manage my anxiety and get clear on my life path & purpose

  • Myths I believed that kept me from pursuing a professional writing career for SO long.

  • How I built my entire freelance copywriting biz using LinkedIn

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to be found by high-paying freelance clients

  • Why I HATE when other copywriters advise that you don't cold pitch 🤬

  • How I began to use my weakness as my strength (and money maker!)

  • The 2 causes I'm involved in and am super passionate about (dogs & foster children)

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