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A repeatable strategy ensuring high-paying clients

5 video modules with PDF support resources that show you a reliable framework for landing clients you can use again and again. Be picky about who you work with and never dread the end of an project again!

A writer's website and profile that sells for you

I'll show you how to easily create a search-optimized LinkedIn profile and professional writer's website. You can relax and shine on client calls - they'll already have sold themselves before even speaking to you!

Hands-on support and guidance

Access to our private Slack community where I answer your questions, provide guidance, support, and encouragement along your journey. + Once per month live training calls!

Cold pitch templates and client management training 

Message templates, videos, and scripts that grab client's attention and let you stay cool calm and collected, even as a newbie!

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If you're anything like I was, you're serious about making copywriting a full-time lucrative career.


If that's you, the only option is to take action. 


Here’s what it really takes to break into freelance copywriting:


🙌🏼Choose an in-demand niche

🙌🏼 Market yourself properly with your website

🙌🏼 Create your own writing samples instead of waiting for someone else to publish you

🙌🏼 Get on LinkedIn and start reaching out to your ideal clients

🙌🏼 Most importantly, charge what you’re worth - not per word

Choose your profitable writing niche

Your writing niche is critical to your income and overall success. Choosing and validating a highly profitable niche is where most writers get stuck. I walk you through a step-by-step brainstorm and validation process that makes choosing a niche a breeze!

Create your portfolio and website

I show you quick, easy, cheap ways to create your writer's website. I also guide you on creating an effective portfolio (even if you have no experience or past clients!)  Relax and shine on client calls! They'll already have sold themselves before even speaking to you!

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Magnetically attract a steady stream of ideal clients by showing up and standing out in client search results. Know exactly who to connect with to build a solid network allowing you to get first dibs on high-paying writing opportunities. 

Cold-pitch with the right message

Never stare at a blank screen again. Banish all those what should I say? moments for good! Message templates, formulas, and scripts that grab client's attention and let you stay cool calm and collected, even as a newbie! 

Don't feel confident selling yourself? I know I didn't.

30 Days to Paid was built based on tried and true communication principles I learned during my sales career, tailored to new freelancers. 

After my course, lack of writing experience will no longer hold you back from confidently landing clients.

Being overwhelmed with social media(or just flat out hating it) doesn't have to hold you back either.

My strategic, minimal approach helps you get in, get clients, and get out. 

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