#14 - Scott Stransky on the skills and mindset behind high-income copywriters

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At the beginning of our careers as freelancers, we all need someone we can text and ask, "A client said this, what do I do?"

For me, that person was (and still is)  Scott Stransky. Scott has been my mentor my entire freelance career. He was the way more experienced freelance writer that I could go to for advice and not feel completely alone.

If this is your first time here, I’m Christine. I’m a freelance copywriter helping other freelancers harness the power of cold pitching on LinkedIn to build a full-time income and transition out of their 9-5s.

Scott Stransky is the Founder and Content Lead of Full Funnel Content, a boutique content writing firm exclusively serving the B2B tech industry. 

With more than a decade in the space, Scott's an accomplished and sought after writer and marketer whose skills and services have been trusted by leading global tech brands and innovative startups alike. 

Prior to launching Full Funnel Content, Scott served in a broad range of professional sales, client services, and marketing leadership roles that helped inform his business philosophies and sharpened the skills necessary to transform a fledgling freelance business into a successful content agency in just a few short years. 

Scott is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife and rescue dog.

Check out his copywriting agency here: https://www.funnelcontent.com/