Top Writing Techniques to Future-Proof Your Copywriting Career🦾

My strategy for future-proofing my writing career? 💪🏼

Developing my writing skills and continuing to innovate and grow as a writer.

✨That’s why I registered for The B2B Writing Institute’s "Better Than a Bot" Writing Workshop.

Today I'll share tips to make your writing automatically stand out against the crowd so you can safeguard your career as a writer in this AI-obsessed environment.

Basic writers will be the ones who get replaced. If you have a niche or a specific skill, you're way less likely to get replaced by AI.

Now who am I to be giving you writing tips?

I've invoiced over 100K of blog posts (thought leadership, SEO, ultimate guides, product round-ups, interviews). The tips I'm sharing are from the feedback I've gotten from dozens of clients.

And since I was self-taught, all of this feedback was hard-won lessons I got from clients tearing my work apart.

I also hire freelance writers to work on my blog, I've built teams of writers as a content lead, so I've edited hundreds of blogs of other writers + reviewed hundreds of portfolios. 

🚨If you loved these tips, register for the Better Than a Bot Workshop on May 31st, 2023.🚨