The Power of Mindset and Beliefs in Copywriting Success | Interview with Amy Leisner

Welcome to the Paid Copywriter Podcast, designed for free thinkers and introverts who want to break free from the nine-to-five mold and start their own business. In this episode, Amy Leisner, an agency owner, freelance copywriter, and coach, shares her journey and valuable insights into copywriting and entrepreneurship.

Amy emphasizes the importance of mindset and beliefs in achieving success. Many aspiring copywriters tend to over-invest in courses that teach writing skills, believing that improvement is the key to success.

However, Amy argues that their existing skills are often sufficient, and there is a wealth of free content available on platforms like YouTube to learn new techniques. The real tipping point lies in addressing fear and limiting beliefs that hold individuals back from fully committing to their freelance business.

Amy identifies a common pattern among those who excel the fastest in their copywriting journey: they embrace their business wholeheartedly, make mistakes, learn quickly, and evolve. Amy also shares her personal story of transitioning from a dance background to copywriting and her experiences working in agencies.

She highlights the challenges she faced when making the transition from an agency employee to a full-time freelance writer. If you're interested in learning more about copywriting, persuasion, psychology, and marketing, make sure to subscribe or follow the Paid Copywriter Podcast on your preferred platform.

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