Tough Client Questions: What to Say When Clients Ask for Copywriting Results You Don't Have

Welcome back to another episode! I'm Christine, from Today, we're diving into the topic of handling client asks about blog posts ranking on Google and how to respond gracefully, even if you don't have concrete results to show.

I'll discuss the complexities of ranking on Google and why it's essential to set realistic expectations with clients. Plus, I have an exciting resource, the Freelance Template Playbook, to help you navigate various client scenarios and boost your confidence as a writer.

Some key points:

‣Understanding the complexities of ranking on Google and managing client expectations
‣Focusing on crafting high-quality, engaging, and persuasive content as a writer
‣Offering alternatives and collaborating with SEO specialists for specific client needs
‣The significance of testimonials and building confidence in your writing abilities
‣How the Freelance Template Playbook can empower you on your freelance journey.

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