Breaking into B2B Tech: Matthew's Journey from Zero Experience

Episode Highlights: In this episode of the Paid Copywriter Podcast, I'm joined by Matthew Livermore, a freelance copywriter based in the southeast of England. Matthew is a 30 Days to Paid student and specializes in content writing within the e-learning and EdTech sectors, focusing on eBooks, white papers, and long-form blogs. Matthew shares his background, having spent over 20 years in teaching before transitioning to freelance writing. He talks about how his passion for writing and a desire for a change led him to explore content writing as a way to earn a living. Matthew explains that he had experience in content writing within the education sector, having written tech revision guides and managed a philosophy blog alongside his teaching career. Matthew discusses why he chose the EdTech niche and how his prior experience in education and technology made it a natural fit. He mentions that the niche allows him to leverage his insider knowledge, understanding various personas within the industry. Connect with Matt here: 💗Let's connect! 🤳🏼 Send me a DM on IG: 📩 Download my free Guide on LinkedIn for Freelance Writers: 💌Get for free weekly copywriting tips: ⭐️Freelancers do most of their business via email so download my Freelance Template Playbook📓™️ so you can confidently cold pitch, raise your rates, and build a freelance career you love✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼 🚨Don't forget to hit 'like' and 'subscribe' it's a free way to support me + your encouragement keeps me going!