Homeschooling Moms & Freelancing: A Journey of Balancing Family and Career with Copywriter Jillian Anderson

In this episode, I sit down with Jillian, a successful copywriter and homeschooling mom, to dive into her unique journey of balancing her copywriting career and family responsibilities as a mom who home schools.

Jillian Anderson is a Copywriter who specializes in high-performance sales, launch, and web copy.  After two consecutive five-figure group program launches in her former niche, Jillian learned that her highest-impact skill was copywriting. 

Before the Copywriter hat hits her head, Jillian is a follower of Christ, a wife to her husband Aaron, and a mother who enjoys a slow-paced country life.


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Episode Highlights:

Accidental Beginnings: Jillian shares how she unintentionally stepped into the world of copywriting after her son's birth, transitioning from a holistic health blogger to an online business owner.

New Paths: After a period of intense challenges, Jillian reevaluated her beliefs and found herself on a spiritual and personal transformation, discovering new perspectives.

The Homeschooling Decision: Jillian's choice to homeschool her children was fueled by a desire for a safe, formative environment for their education. She shares her thoughts on the preciousness of these years and her balance between work and family time.

Resilience and Prioritization: Learn how Jillian's commitment to charging her worth as a copywriter and staying focused on high-value work has played a pivotal role in her success.

Impactful Sacrifices: Jillian discusses the sacrifices she and her family made to allow her the time and space to both homeschool her kids and continue her copywriting career.

Embracing Entrepreneurship: Jillian emphasizes the importance of self-development and facing fears as a key part of the journey as an entrepreneur and copywriter.

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