Unlocking Success in Wellness Writing: Your Path to Prosperity in the Lucrative Nurse Niche

DO NOT miss this enlightening conversation with Janine Kelbach, a former Labor and Delivery nurse turned successful freelance writer in the health and wellness niche.

Janine's journey began with a desire to bridge the gap between medical knowledge and the plethora of unreliable health information online. Her transition from nursing to full-time writing was prompted by the pandemic, a moment when she realized she needed to prioritize her children's well-being and take control of her career.

Janine's experience as a nurse provided a unique perspective in her writing, allowing her to offer evidence-based, trustworthy content to readers. She shared her journey of creating a freelance agency for nurse writers, demonstrating the power of specialization in the wellness niche.

Tune in to learn how Janine's expertise as a nurse gave her the edge in the health writing industry, and discover the possibilities that await you in the wellness niche!

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