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Takeaways from #wins in the #paidwriters community

Persistence pays off: Enrico’s initial contact with the client didn’t result in immediate success, but he didn’t give up. By reaching out again and reminding them of his availability, he opened the door for further communication and ultimately secured the opportunity.

Building relationships: Enrico’s approach involved having a call with the client to learn more about their needs. This allowed him to pitch his services in a tailored manner and showcase the value he could bring. By taking the time to understand their requirements and demonstrating his expertise, he built trust and credibility.

Leveraging additional skills: Enrico’s mention of his video background during the call turned out to be a significant factor in expanding the scope of work. By showcasing his versatility and offering a comprehensive solution that aligned with the client’s needs, he positioned himself as a valuable asset for the video project.

Seizing unexpected opportunities: When Enrico received an urgent call from the client, he initially had concerns that they might not be satisfied with his work. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise as the client wanted to offer him even more work. Being open to unexpected opportunities and delivering quality results can lead to further growth and long-term partnerships. Expect the best, not the worst :slightly_smiling_face:

Perfect timing: Enrico’s win couldn’t have come at a better time. It coincided with the transition of letting go of a client that was no longer a good fit. This shows that staying patient and persevering through challenges can lead to positive outcomes that align with your goals and needs.